Individual event refund policies and decisions will be made by the event host. When Run The World receives a refund request from an attendee through support channels, that request will be escalated to the event host for final approval. If an attendee encounters technical issues/a product bug, contacts Run The World support, and the issue can not be resolved before the event start time, Run The World will issue a refund.

If you would like to request a refund for any reason, you should contact the host of the event.

Attendees can request a refund on your event list.

After the refund is requested the host will receive an email with your refund request.

If the refund request is accepted you will receive an email confirming your request has been approved and will be automatically removed from the event. Money-back would be reflected in your account 2-10 business days after approval.

✨ The event hosts are solely responsible for handling any refund request. Run The World does not take any role nor are we responsible for any refund request between the attendees and the event hosts.

The party who makes the payment is responsible for any potential bank transactional fees, stripe processing fees, and/or foreign currency exchange fees/charges. We may apply these changes to the final amount.

Technical Refunds must be confirmed by the Attendee or Host. The burden of proof is on the Attendee. Technical Refunds are issued only if it can be proved that Run The World was unable to provide any defined services that were agreed upon between the Host, Run the World, and the Attendee with no fault of the Organizer or Attendee

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