If an attendee can't join a paid event because of a time conflict or a technical issue, we recommend having a clearly stated refund policy established before you start marketing your event. What's the best approach to take? Here are your options.

No refund 

The "no refund" policy is the default for most events. This policy ensures higher and more predictable attendance.

Full refund 

If you choose to offer refunds, the attendee will need to contact you directly first to request a refund. Then you can contact us at support@runtheworld.today to issue the refund. However, we can't refund the transaction fee issued by Stripe, and you are responsible for covering the charged transaction fee. Alternatively, instead of a cash refund, you can offer credit to the next event you host.

Run the World still reserves the right to offer a full refund on your behalf if we believe it would be unfair or inappropriate to not refund attendees. We will notify you and give you 48 hours to respond before taking action in that case.

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