Founded in 2019, Run The World is a virtual events platform for interactive online experiences that build social relationships and communities. The company helps organizers create engaging and actually enjoyable networking events, workshops, parties, and conferences utilizing highly-reviewed features, ranging from 1:1 Cocktail Party networking to using Grab the Mic to join speakers on stage. Backed by Andreessen Horowitz, Founders Fund, Will Smith, and Kevin Hart, attendees worldwide participated in over 15,000 events on Run The World in 2020.

Run The World is the one-stop-shop for experts, creators, community leaders, and organizations to host and monetize from interactive online events such as workshops, meetups, summits, or shows.

What kind of events are there?

  • Training/courses

  • Live classes

  • Coaching

  • Non-profit fundraisers

  • Enterprise events

  • Fan meetups

  • many more!

What can you do on Run The World?

  • You can host an event and make money as an organizer.

  • You can attend any event as an attendee.

  • You can speak at any event as a speaker.

What can you do as an organizer?

You can set up a profile for networking, organize an event, invite speakers, sell tickets, and bring together a community you love. This will allow you to grow your fan base and make a profit without a lot of time commitment.

What can you do as an attendee?

You can set up a profile for networking, discover events, participate in events, and build relationships with interesting, like-minded people.

What can you do as a speaker?

You can set up a speaker profile, speak at an event, and receive the recognition that can bring you more fans and popularity.

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