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Whether you're a speaker, attendee, or organizer, set up a profile either on desktop or mobile, so you can enjoy interacting with other participants at your event.

Set up your profile from your computer

Before you begin:

The web version of Run The World is best experienced on Google Chrome. Download Google Chrome.

1. Create an Account or sign in.

2. Set up your profile

  • Import your profile information from Linkedin or Facebook, or:
  • Upload a profile photo.
  • Enter your first and last name.
  • Add your headline (no more than 40 characters).
  • Click "Save Profile" to finish setting up your profile.

Set up your profile on your mobile device

1. Create an account or sign in.

2. Complete your profile

If you haven't already imported your profile information from Linkedin or Facebook:

  • Add your profile image.
  • Add a handshake video, introducing yourself if you'd like.
  • Add your name.
  • Add your headline.
  • Add your bio, if you'd like, and click Save.

Watch below to see how easy you can create and edit your profile on mobile!

Hooray! You now have a Run The World profile! Enjoy interacting with other attendees!

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