Be sure to have already created and set up your profile before the event.

Join Your Event From Your Computer

We currently don't support mobile attendance, please be sure to connect using a Google Chrome web browser for the best experience.

There are two ways to go into the way.

1 - The easiest way is by clicking on "Enter Event" on the confirmation or reminder email sent from You will directly land on the event page. There you choose the session that is live by clicking on "Join Stream" or you can see a recording by clicking on "Playback".

2- The other way is to access your account and join your event, you can sign in by clicking here.

  • If you have already RSVP'd or bought a ticket to your event, it should appear on your dashboard right away.

  • If the event is upcoming or if that already began, it will appear under "Upcoming Events."

  • If the event has ended it will be in "Past Events"

3. Click Enter Event to view all available sessions.

✨ Pro tip: You can add the event to your calendar by clicking on the calendar icon on top of the "Enter Event"

  • Click Join Stream to attend a live session (note: sessions labeled "Preview" will begin at the appropriate start time).

5. Engage with attendees and speakers

  • Add comments to the chat.

  • Answer polling questions.

  • Join a groupie.

  • Participate in Cocktail hours and round tables

To exit a session, either close the tab or click on the red door at the bottom left corner.

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