This article lists four options for sharing pre-recorded videos with your audience.

Method 1: Upload the video on YouTube

After that, they can choose Share Screen -> Chrome Tab -> Choose the YouTube video. (The speaker who wants to share video don't need to mute themselves, but need to have a quiet environment)

Here are the detailed instructions:

Step 1:

Click on Share Screen

Step 2:

Click Chrome Tab -> Choose the YouTube link they want to share

After they play the video, please display the video in full screen, as shown below:

Below you will see how the event will appear to attendees during the event. With this format, our system will be able to record the video as displayed. In this way, we can record everything.

Method 2: Keep the video in Speaker's desktop:

They choose Share Screen -> Entire Screen-> Choose the video to play. (The speakers who want to share the video shouldn't mute themselves, but need to have a quiet environment)

Method 3: Automatically play the video from our end

You can send the video as MP4 file, and also set up a Talk session for this video. You can assign yourselves as a speaker, but don't worry, you don't need to speak. Once we get the video, we will upload it as "Recordings" to that session. When Attendees enter the event page, they will be able to watch it anytime they want. They need to click "Playback" to watch it.

You can see this example below. Sexy Liberal Tour is one of our events. The organizer asked us to upload their video before the event start, and attendees can watch it during the event, and also after the event by click on the "Playback."

Method 4: Upload your own pre-recorded videos and share them in the live-streaming sessions.

To upload your own pre-recorded videos:

Step 1. Click Manage inside your organizer dashboard.

Step 2. Click into Step 5 - Attachments

Step 3. Click Add Video. You will see the video uploading screen.

Step 4. Upload the video you want to share.

Step 5. Click Publish

Step 6. When you go inside any sessions as a speaker of the event, you will be able to access the videos inside. Click Share video from attached files.

Step 7. Choose from the video you previously uploaded.

Step 7. Play the video.

You are good to go!

Important notes:

  • Internet connectivity may affect your results.
  • And all the events will be automatically recorded, but the first and second method must be presented in full screen.
  • The 4th method will not be recorded at the end but it will make sure the quality of your presentation to your audience (no buffering at all).

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