Yes! You can use the Snap Camera app to add fun filters to your video during your livestream.


1. Download the Snap Camera app here.

2. Before you can use Snap Camera, you'll have to restart Google Chrome by quitting and restarting the browser.

3. Log in to Run The World at

4. Find your event under "Ongoing Events" and click Check in.

5. Find your talk under "Your upcoming talks" and click Prepare for talk. You will enter the livestream.

6. Once in the livestream, click on the little camera icon found at the very right end of the search bar at the top of your window.

7. On the tab that pops up, set up the camera by clicking Manage.

8. On the next tab that pops up, click Camera and choose Snap Camera as your default camera.

9. You can now choose different filters through Snap Camera! Once you select a filter, our livestream platform will apply it to your image.

You can now use filters on your livestream on Run The World! Enjoy!

Can I Use Snap Camera with Run The World?

Indeed! We support Snap Camera, a fun add-on that allows you to apply lenses to your face when you go live on-screen during an event. Here's how to do it.

  1. Make sure you're using Google Chrome. That's where our platform works best.

  2. Download and install Snap Camera.

Snap Camera

3. With Snap Camera open on your desktop, navigate back to Chrome, click on the kebab menu on the far, top right, then click Settings.

4. On the left navigation menu, click Privacy and security, then click Site Settings.

5. Click Camera and select "Snap Camera."

Note: If you don't see Snap Camera listed here. Restart your computer. This will very likely solve the issue.

6. Go back to Snap Camera on your computer and choose your favorite filter!

7. When you're ready to join your Run The World event, select Snap Camera as your camera while setting up your media devices. Then join the talk room!

8. Have fun! And change your Snap lenses as much as you want while you're live. You're not locked into a single lens!

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