1. Sign in to Run The World or Create an account, if you have not already.

2. Click the green Organizer dashboard button on the top right.

3. Click on the Host a Conference template.

4. Enter the title, description, date and time, of your event. Fields with * are required. Select between Public and Unlisted and once ready click Create an event.

5. Confirm event details;

  • Under "Basic information," confirm your title, description, and dates.

  • Add your cover media

  • Add speakers, their photos, bios, and email addresses. Be sure to have the correct email address since this is the one they will receive their speaker invitation to.

  • Click Next.

6. Choose *ticket options and click Next.

7. Build an agenda.

8. You are ready to Publish your event!

  • Click Publish.

  • Share your event by copying the URL.

Watch our video tutorial to learn how to create your event easily!

*Sponsor and Ticket options depend on your plan. For more information, see "How to change or upgrade your plan."

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