First, make sure you are using the correct email address. Your email should match that used by the organizer when adding you as a speaker. Second, make sure you're using the latest version of Google Chrome as your web browser on a Desktop device to optimize performance.

Unable to connect to camera and microphone

After selecting your camera and microphone and clicking I'm Ready, you you are unable to see your video within Run The World and the system is attempting to connect to your camera and microphone and failing, this is due to a VPN connection or firewall blocking Run The World from connecting to your camera and microphone. Please disconnect from any VPN and try using a personal device if you aren't able to get around the firewall on your work computer.

Poor connection

  • If you can, move closer to your Internet router.

  • Turn off your camera on the bottom left corner of your screen to increase connectivity.

Mic and camera issues

  • Use your computer's built-in audio and microphone.

  • Make sure to unpair any interfering Bluetooth devices.

  • Restart your browser. Close your window and re-enter your talk. Reactivate the mic and camera.

  • Make sure you are not muted by accident.

Echo issues

If you hear an echo from your end:

  • You have a laptop plugged into a monitor. Use only one computer at a time.

  • Try muting your microphone when not speaking, and make sure your computer volume isn't too loud.

If you work for a government office

  • Ask your IT professional to set up the network and firewall settings listed here.

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