• Using Chrome, disconnect from a VPN, sign in here: https://organizer.runtheworld.today

  • Click "Upcoming Events"

  • Click "Enter event" on the specific event

  • Click "Preview" on your session

  • Select the microphone and camera you would like to use

  • Click "Join talk room"

  • If moderator When ready to go live to the audience, click "Go Live"


Ensure you are using the correct email address. Your email should match that used by the organizer when adding you as a speaker.

If no video/audio, disconnection from any VPN

  • If unable to connect after clicking "Preview", restart Chrome browser.

  • Close other video conference applications (ie. close Zoom).

  • Click lock icon in left corner of URL bar, check that access to both your microphone and camera has been allowed.

  • Click the back button and reenter the room to confirm camera and microphone selection again.

If poor connection

  • Ensure you are close enough to your router.

  • Close/turn off any unneeded devices, or applications that could be consuming bandwidth.

  • In bottom left corner of the screen, turn off your camera to increase audio stability.

References to change settings:

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