Welcome to Run The World! You're just a few steps away from being all set up as a speaker for your event. We suggest you allow yourself at least 24 hours to prepare and make sure you're setup before your talk. Please use this guide to assist you.

Before you begin

  • The web version of Run The World is best experienced on Google Chrome. The latest versions of Safari and Firefox also work well.

  • Close all other video/audio software (including Zoom, Google Meet, and FaceTime) on your computer and unpair any Bluetooth devices you do not plan on using during your session.

  • Make sure you use your computer's internal audio and microphone.

Instructions for entering your talk

1. Create an account or sign in to Run The World. Verify your code via email.

2. Under "Ongoing events," find your event. Click Enter event.

3. Under "Your upcoming talks," click Join as a speaker.

4. Set up your audio and camera

  • Confirm your camera, microphone, and speaker settings using the drop-down menu. We recommend using the native, internal camera and mic, that comes with your computer.

  • If a Chrome tab launches, make sure camera and microphone permissions are set to "Allow".

5. Start streaming.

  • Click Join talk room. When you are prompted to confirm your devices, click Join.

  • Click Start streaming and then, Go live.

  • Your talk will begin once the moderator joins.

6. During your speaking event, engage attendees by;

  • Grab the mic, interact with speakers on stage.

  • Using interactive features like chat messaging, screen sharing, polling, and group selfies by clicking the buttons on the bottom of the page.

  • Asking your attendees for a "Groupfie", or a group selfie!

  • Allowing attendees to "grab the mic" and share the stage.

7. End your talk.

  • Exit by clicking the arrow button on the bottom left corner.

  • Click "End this talk" only when you want to end streaming.

Watch our video tutorial to learn how to join your event as a speaker easily!

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