Welcome to Run The World! You're just a few steps away from attending your event. This guide will assist you in getting set up so you can enjoy all the talks from your web browser or mobile device.

Join Your Event From Your Computer

1. Find your event landing page, and scroll to the bottom to rsvp.

2. Create your account & Set up your profile.

3. Jump into the confirmation page below, and click to join the event

4. Join your event

The page will jump into the event agenda page, you can view all available sessions.

Click Join Stream to attend a live session (note: sessions labeled "Coming Soon" will begin at the appropriate start time).

Feel free to join in ahead of time, you can click Coming Soon to wait for the speaker to start streaming. The screen will show you the counting-down time.

5. Engage with attendees and speakers

  • Add comments to the chat.

  • Answer polling questions.

  • Join a group selfie.

  • Check the group chat of your event

To exit a session, click the bottom left button to leave.

If you have already RSVP'd or bought a ticket to your event, it should appear on your dashboard right away or you can find your event on the left column "Attendee Center".

  • If the event hasn't begun yet, it will appear under "Upcoming Events."

  • If the event has already begun, it will appear under "Ongoing."

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