If you are a speaker and experiencing issues with your audio or video, try the following suggestions.

First, make sure you are using Google Chrome to join, and disconnect from any VPN before logging into Run The World.

Check your settings

  • On your computer, click the lock icon on the left side of the URL bar.

  • Set permissions for audio and microphone to "Allow."

Check your hardware

  • If you are using any external hardware, make sure your microphone, camera, and speakers are plugged into your computer and turned on.

  • If you connect your hardware using USB, check if you need to install software from the device manufacturer.

  • Make sure your microphone, camera, and speakers are not being used by other running programs on your computer. Run The World, for example, cannot operate at the same time as Zoom or FaceTime.

  • Make sure your Bluetooth is not connected to the hardware you're not using.

Restart your computer

  • Exit Run The World.

  • Restart your computer.

  • Log in again.

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