1. Run The World is best experienced on Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. Please be sure to have the latest version of the web browser.

2. Go to the login page (https://app.runtheworld.today/login).

3. Enter the email address of your choice. Click Continue with email.

  • You will see a verification code screen.

4. Enter your verification code.

  • With Run The World open on your browser, open another tab and check your email for a verification code.

  • Copy the verification code from your email client, enter it into Run The World's verification code tab.

5. Create your password. Click Submit.

6. Set up your profile.

  • On the upper right, next to the Organizer Dashboard, hover over the circle with a person inside, and click Edit profile.

  • Import your profile information from Linkedin or Facebook, or:

  • Upload a profile photo.

  • Include your headline (no more than 40 characters).

  • Click Save Profile to finish setting up your profile.

Congratulations, you've created your account!

✨ Multiple account logins at the same time will create an account error. Please be sure to be logged in just one place at a time.

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