The new Run The World booths are perfect for invite sponsors to host a session and engage with audience members directly, or allowing people their own space to showcase their projects.

1. From a computer, sign in to Run The World.

2. Click Organizer dashboard on the top right.

  • Under "Upcoming events" find your event, click Manage.

  • Reminder: Only Conferences can have Booths

3. Under the Booths tab, click "Add Booth".

  • Enter a Cover Photo and Logo to showcase the booth.

  • Add a Name for the Booth, a Description, and set a specific Time you would like to booth open for.

  • Add in the email of the representative you'd like to be presenting in the booth. Do you have more than one person you want on screen presenting in the booth? Not a problem, just add one person as the representative, and have the others Grab The Mic to come onto stage.

If the booth is a Sponsor Booth, make sure to add your Sponsors to the event in the Sponsors tab to showcase them in more areas of RTW.

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