Invite sponsors to host a session and engage with audience members directly.

1. From a computer, sign in to Run The World.

2. Click Organizer dashboard on the top right.

3. Under Basic Information, scroll to the bottom and click "Add Sponsor".

  • Enter the sponsor name and logo, as well as an optional link and marketing message.

4. Navigate to the bottom of the page, click Next to proceed to the Speakers tab.

5. Click "Add Speaker" then add the sponsor booth representative as a "Speaker".

  • Enter the representatives full name.

  • List their headline as "Sponsor".

  • Upload a profile picture for the sponsor's logo.

6. Navigate to the top of the page and click Agenda.

7. Click Add session.

8. Click the Format dropdown and choose Booth.

  • Enter the title and select the time the booth will be available to attendees.

  • Select the representative and sponsor from the dropdown menus.

  • Add an optional description.

9. Click Publish to save changes.

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