If a host requests a refund from Run The World:

All monthly subscriptions (Pro and Sponsor) are subject to automatic renewable monthly charges until you cancel the applicable subscription. If you cancel the monthly subscription, your service will terminate at the end of that month, and you can still use the service until the end of the month during which we received your cancellation notice. The subscription will not be renewed, and we will no longer place automatic monthly charges starting from the following month. For clarity, the subscription fee you paid for the month during which your cancellation request is received is not refundable.

Any service fees prepaid for the customized event solution program (Concierge or Enterprise) are not refundable. If these services are canceled prior to the end of the applicable subscription terms, hosts can continue using our service until the end of the subscribed term.

If any fraudulent transactions or missing payments are reported to us, Run The World has the right to (i) cancel the subscription immediately without notice to the host and (ii) charge additional services fees if applicable. Run The Words also reserves the right, in our sole discretion, to limit or deny refund requests in cases where we believe there is an abuse of our refund terms.

If an attendee requests for a refund from the event organizer:

Individual event refund policies and decisions will be made by the event host. When Run The World receives a refund request from an attendee through support channels, that request will be escalated to the event host for final approval. If an attendee encounters technical issues/a product bug, contacts Run The World support, and the issue can not be resolved before the event start time, Run The World will issue a refund.

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