In a Cocktail Party, participants may now select a group they most identify with (Group A) and connect with participants in a different group (Group B).

*Mobile version shown below:

  1. Find the Cocktail Party session and click to join. Before you check-in, please enable video chat. You can select voice chat or video chat after you match with your partner.

2. Pick a role based on the list below. Then, click next.

3. Wait for the session's countdown timer to match you with someone from another group.

4. Hooray! You got matched up! When matched, each participant will be able to see each other's profile, and learn more about one another.

5. When your chat begins, you will be able to select from either voice or video chatting.

  • If you have a poor internet connection, you will see a message indicating that the user is experiencing a poor connection.

6. When the session is coming to an end, the timer will appear in red, and will notify how you many minutes you have left, giving you an opportunity to close the conversation the way'd like.

7. You will automatically join the next round. If you'd like to stop matching with others, you can click check out.

8. Finally, we encourage participants to thank the organizer for hosting an amazing networking event.

9. After the party ends, you will see a list of the participants you were matched with, and follow any person you'd like to connect with again in the nearby future.

10. One last thing, share your experience with others about today's cocktail hour.

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