As a speaker, attendee, or organizer, you may now join discussions, and chat or privately message attendees you'd like to follow-up with after an event.

  1. Log in, and click on the message icon to find your event.

2. To find your event faster, search for the event in the search bar.

3. To view chat messages, or to chat with attendees, click Chats.

4. To join discussions hosted in this event, click Thread.

5. To view and message attendees that joined this event, click the number icon.

6. Search for the names of the attendees in the search bar, or scroll up or down to view all attendees.

7. To privately message an attendee and or follow them, click on their profile.

8. Click on +Follow to follow an attendee on the mobile app. Click the message icon to privately message an attendee.

9. To leave a group chat, tap the hamburger icon, and click Leave Group Chat.

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