This article shows you how to start a Cocktail Party straight from the talkroom.

For speakers and moderators

1. Hover over the drink ICON to "Create a Cocktail Party"

Click the icon.

2. Customize your party

  • Choose the number of one-on-one rounds you want for your party (from one to ten)

  • Choose your chat duration (how many minutes per round).

  • Choose your matching mode by clicking "More settings". Do you want to automatically match with everyone? Or do you want to put yourself in a group and match with someone from the other group (group-based matching).

Your Cocktail Party is ready to go.

For Attendees

1. Check-in

  • After entering your event from the attendee center, click Check-in. Check your mic and camera. Select Allow.

  • Click I'm Ready

  • For group-based matching, choose your group of choice.

2. Waiting room

When the count-down is up, you will be matched. If you want to exit, you can click the red door or simply click Exit Cocktail Party

3. Get to know more about your match

You'll have 15 seconds for attendees to scan your match's bio. If you don't want to be matched up, you can click Exit Cocktail Party.

4. Meet-up time

5. Summary

  • Here you will see this summary of how many people you matched with and the length of the party. You can also share it on social media.

  • Click Let's rejoin the talk room in 5 seconds to return back to the talk room.

Extra notes:

  1. Impromptu Cocktail Party can happen in the middle or close to the end of the session. Even if the Cocktail Party exceeds the session's ending time, attendees still can return back to the session.

  2. For some late attendees, when they enter the session, they will see a window Join the Cocktail Party. They can join the party at any time.

  3. At least having four attendees in the room can start a Cocktail Party.

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