1. Sign in to Run The World or Create an Account, if you have not already.

  2. Click into the organizer dashboard, if you aren't already there.

Organizer Dashboard

3. Select the Host a Talk template.

Host a Talk

4. Choose a cover photo, enter the title, description, date, and time of your event (use your local time zone). Fields with * are required.

✨Pro Tip: Use your timezone, don't worry attendees will see the event in their own timezone.

5. Set your ticket price and currency. If you are charging admission, set up your account in the Payout & Billing section on the left sidebar.

6. Choose for your event to be public or unlisted. Public events will be listed in our Upcoming Events section on our Explore Events page.

7. Click Create Event to finalize setup and see your event page.

8. Copy the URL or share your event link directly to social media to promote attendance to your event.

9. Lastly, click on "Enter Event" to go straight into your event. See instructions here. Or, continue to manage your event by adding more information. See instructions here.

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