You no longer have to request a payout! RTW has upgraded its payout system to automatically payout right after the attendee pays for tickets. It will take 2-30 days to be reflected on the host’s stripe account. *Time depends on countries processing time.

How to upgrade account:

If you have already set up your payout account, you will see this page in the Payout & Billing section, click on Upgrade Account (step 2 on diagram)

Payot and Billing Menu

After clicking on 'Upgrade account', you will be redirected to the Stripe website. On the Stripe website you will be required to connect your existing Stripe account or create a new Stripe account, please follow the steps there.

Once you finished connecting your account, you will be redirected back to RTW, when you see this page, you are all set!

Payment Methods: Your strip account is connected

You can click on 'Go to Stripe' at any time you need to edit your account or review your Stripe dashboard. There you can: review transactions, payments, print invoices, and refund your attendees as needed.

📌 "Know Your Customer” (KYC) obligations require Stripe to verify that account holders are operating from the business addresses they provide in their account application. See here for more information on documents for identity and home address verification, tax ID verification troubleshooting, beneficial ownership definitions, and more.

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