What to do when an attendee requests a refund. First of all, as a reminder Refund Policy for attendees is created by you, the host.

When an attendee requests a refund you will receive an email letting you know a refund has been requested. See sample email below.

If you have decided to refund your attendee follow the steps below.

1. Go to the Stripe dashboard, by clicking on the "Go to Stripe" button at the Payout & Billing page, Or you can log in to your connected Stripe account through the Stripe login page.

2. When you arrive at the Stripe dashboard, please follow the next few steps to initiate a refund,

3. Done! Attendees will receive a confirmation email that you've approved their request. Attendees need to wait for 5-10 business days for it to appear on their bank account.

✨If you decide a refund is not applicable, let the attendee know the refund has been denied, no extra action is required.

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