These are our most frequently asked questions:

  • Can we add other team members to our company account? At this time, only one member can be an organizer. Set up any team members as a speaker (they can turn their mic and camera off) to help set up polling, share screen and videos, and initiate a cocktail party for that live session. This is on our roadmap and is not available yet.

  • How many people can attend one session? The free account is limited to 50 free attendees, Pro and Sponsor up to 500 free attendees. For paid ticket sales, we have capabilities for up to 10,000 attendees.

  • Is my free event really free? Yes, no hidden cost here.

  • How many people can attend per round table? All attendees can attend a round table, each individual table will be limited to a max of 15. The host can attend any table at any time.

  • Can multiple people have the mic and have their video on in a session? There is a max of 16 people that can be on screen at the same time.

  • Can we get the session recordings after the event? Yes! Recordings are available for all speakers and attendees. We provide unlimited storage of recordings. Recordings are 720p resolution. Just go to your "More" or the "Attachments" tab and it will be available for you there. If you are an attendee just go to the event page and click on Playback.

  • Do you offer technical support during the event as part of the paid subscription? We do not offer live technical support for our Pro and Sponsor plans.

  • How does matching work with an uneven number of attendees? If there's an uneven amount of attendees, one person will sit out per round.

  • Can we play pre-recorded presentations? Yes! You will need to start your event in "Host a Conference" and then just upload your presentation in the "Attachments" tab.

  • Can RTW host concurrent sessions? Yes, just create different sessions starting at the same time. Attendees will be able to join the session they want directly from the agenda page.

  • Can I direct message other attendees? Yes, you can chat directly with other attendees from messages.

  • Can I customize my event URL? Yes, URLs can be customized following the steps here.

  • What are the branding opportunities available for sponsors? What does a sponsor booth look like? Sponsors can showcase their products or interact with attendees from the sponsor booth. As a host, you can also create sponsor shoutouts.

  • What does it mean by three sessions per event? This means that when creating an event, you can include up to three talk rooms e.g. Main stage and two side tracks. You can have multiple event formats (talk, 1:1 networking, round table) all within the same session. Also, sponsor and exhibition booths do not count as sessions! This is the same limit as the standard plans posted on our website. We set this session limit based on averages on all events we’ve hosted. For full-day or multi-day conferences with more than three sessions, you’ll need to set up a custom plan with our sales team.

  • Do we email or market to attendees? New attendees have the option to agree to be contacted by Run The World marketing when they join the platform and may unsubscribe to emails at any time. We send product updates, how-to guides, and other news in a monthly newsletter, and occasionally other one-off announcements. We never sell attendee emails or share them with anyone else.

  • Can I remove Run The World branding? You can customize the event invitation page and the live talk room background with your brand colors. Within the event, we have our logo in the top left corner and a watermark on recordings. We have a 3-part email reminder series for attendees, some pre-event reminders for hosts and speakers, and up to 2 recap emails after the event. These emails come from Run The World. Replacing all of Run The World logos with your own branding on event pages, live talk rooms, and recordings, and removing or customizing pre-and post-event emails are part of our Enterprise plan.

  • Is it possible to create events in other languages than English? We have hosted events in many languages. We see many event descriptions written in a variety of languages. However, our interface and event transaction emails are currently in English only. Please suggest languages that we should prioritize here:

  • What are the integrations that you support? For now, we only support Zapier. Please suggest other integrations we should prioritize here.

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