These are our most frequently asked questions:

  • Can we add other team members to our company account? At this time only one member can be an organizer.
  • Is my free event really free? Yes, no hidden cost here.
  • How many people can attend per round table? All attendees can attend a round table, each individual table will be limited to a max of 8. The host can attend any table at any time.
  • Can multiple people have the mic and have their video on in a session? There is a max of 8 people that can be on screen at the same time.
  • How many speakers can speak in a session? There is a max of 8 people that can be on screen at the same time.
  • Can we get the session recordings after the event? Yes! Just go to your "More" or the "Attachments" tab and it will be available for you there. If you are an attendee just go to the event page and click on Playback.
  • How many events can we host on a paid package in a given month? Unlimited.
  • Do you offer technical support during the event as part of the paid subscription? We currently do not offer live technical support.
  • How does matching work with an uneven number of attendees? If there's an uneven amount of attendees, one person will sit out per round.
  • Can we play pre-recorded presentations? Yes! You will need to start your event in "Start Advanced" and then just upload your presentation in the "Attachments" tab.
  • Can RTW host concurrent sessions? Yes, just create different sessions starting at the same time. Attendees will be able to join the session they want directly from the agenda page.
  • Can I direct message other attendees? Yes, you can chat directly with other attendees from messages.
  • Can I customize my event URL? Yes, URLs can be customized following the steps here.
  • What are the branding opportunities available for sponsors? What does a sponsor booth look like? Sponsors can showcase their products or interact with attendees from the sponsor booth. As a host, you can also create sponsor shoutouts.

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