Zapier lets you connect over 1000 apps with Run The World API. Once you connect your Run The World account to Zapier, you can send attendee data to any applications of your choice automatically, such as Google Spreadsheets to manage the roster, or a CRM to manage your customer attendance.

1. Access the Run The World trigger here.

2. On your dashboard, create a zap.

3. First you need to choose a trigger. Use "Run The World" to search to find the Run The World trigger, and follow the instructions to grant Zapier your Run The World access.

4. Then you need to set up an action to choose an application to receive data when an attendee signs up for your event. Follow the instruction to set up the desired action when the event is triggered, and grant Zapier access to the application of your choice.

5. Once you have everything set up and resolve all issues Zapier indicates in your Zap, you are good to go. Turn on your zap to receive attendee data while they sign up for an event.


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